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European Parliament Elections 2024

All answers below have been provided by the MEP candidates themselves, or by their political party on their behalf.

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Candidate NameParty⁠1. As an MEP will you vote in favour or against abortion in the European Parliament?2. The Treaty of Accession of Malta to the European Union in 2004, states that “the matter of abortion will always remain a matter to be decided by Malta and its institutions and no one else”. Do you support this?
3.⁠ ⁠As an MEP will you vote in favour or against euthanasia in the European Parliament?
Claudette Abela BaldacchinoPL
Alex Agius SalibaPL
Clint Azzopardi FloresPL
Daniel AttardPL
Thomas BajadaPL
Jesmond Bonello​PL
Steve EllulPL
Jesmond MarshallPL
Marija Sara Vella GafaPL
Roberta MetsolaPN
David CasaPN
David Agius​PN
Peter AgiusPN
Mariana Calleja Testaferrata de NotoPN
Norma CamilleriPN
Louise Anne Pulis​PN
Lee Bugeja BartoloPN
Sandra Gauci​ADPD
Mina ToluADPD
Ralph CassarADPD
Rachelle Deguara​ADPD
Normal LowellIE
Terrance PortelliIE
Ivan Grech MintoffAbba
Tania Gauci FioriniAbba
Matthias Iannis Portelli​Volt
Nazzareno BonniciIndependent
Arnold Cassola​Independent
Edwin VassalloIndependent
James RyderIndependent
Simon MerciecaIndependent
Alexander D’AgataIndependent
Radu Gheorghi​Independent
Stephen FlorianIndependent
Conrad Borg ManchèIndependent
Noel ApapIndependent
Malcolm BezzinaIndependent
George GrixtiIndependent
Adrian ZammitIndependent


What is the date of the next election?

The next election in Malta will be the election for The European Parliament, on Saturday 8th June 2024.

How many members will be elected?

Malta has six members in the European Parliament.  In total there are 705 members, all of which are up for election across the European Union.

How are the Members elected?

Malta uses a form of proportional representation called the single transferable vote system. This means that voters rank the candidates in order of choice, and they can vote for as many or as few as they wish. The preferred candidate is given the number 1, the second most preferred candidate is given the number 2, the third is given the number 3, and so on.  For more information about this click here:

How is the data presented on this site collected?

An email with the same 3 questions was sent out to all MEP Candidates. Their answers are presented as per their reply.

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Ivvota Favur Il-Ħajja is a project of Life Network Foundation aimed at providing accurate information about where politicians stand on issues related to the beginning and end of life.

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