Louise Anne Pulis

⁠1. As an MEP will you vote in favour or against abortion in the European Parliament?

2. The Treaty of Accession of Malta to the European Union in 2004, states that “the matter of abortion will always remain a matter to be decided by Malta and its institutions and no one else”. Do you support this?

3. ⁠As an MEP will you vote in favour or against euthanasia in the European Parliament?

Official Statement from the Partit Nazzjonalista.
29th May 2024

Abortion and euthanasia are national competences, and the European Union has no competence to impose any position on Member States on such issues. It is only the Maltese Government who can change such laws for Malta. This was made clear when Malta was negotiating its accession into the EU and remains the position of Partit Nazzjonalista. Apart from this, as a Party we believe in supporting life from conception to its natural end.

Therefore, our MEPs cannot vote infavour of abortion and euthanasia in a vote infront of the European Parliament.

Michael Piccinino
Secretary General
Partit Nazzjonalista