If elected is the Partit Laburista going to introduce abortion in Malta?

Abortion is not included in the PL’s electoral manifesto. The Prime Minister’s position on the subject has been made very clear in a press release issued by the Partit Laburista in May 2021 and remains consistent.

Which “sexual and reproductive health and rights” is the Partit Laburista referring to (manifesto art. 506), that are not already legal in Malta?

The existing sexual health policy was published in 2011 and there is broad consensus that its contents are outdated. Priority actions, stakeholders and the care services need to be updated in a new policy.


The Partit Laburista manifesto (art 654) calls for a national discussion on the introduction of euthanasia. This suggests a policy in favour of euthanasia. Is the Partit Laburista in favour of, neutral or against euthanasia?

PL is giving a guarantee of the best possible palliative care. The electoral manifesto proposes a national discussion on voluntary euthanasia for persons suffering from terminal illnesses. There are different views on the matter within the party. PL believes that the discussion on such a sensitive topic should not be led by politicians.

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