Is ABBA opposed to abortion?

Abortion is the evil reverse-image of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Instead of “I”ll die for you,” it says, “You die for me.” ABBA condemns abortion, and believes that there is no circumstance that could possibly justify the abomination of the shedding of innocent blood. Every conceived and fertilised life has equal worth and dignity, and contains complex biological identity.

ABBA pledges that our first bill will be to amend Article 33 in the Maltese Constitution to “No person shall from conception be intentionally deprived of his life…” thereby guaranteeing that the wish of the Maltese people is honoured and that abortion is not legalised in Malta.


Is ABBA opposed to euthanasia?

We believe human life is uniquely valuable and sacred since all people are created in the image of God. People who are suffering and near the end of life should be cared for properly and not put under any pressure to end their lives. Legalising euthanasia or assisted suicide is unnecessary, dangerous, and wrong. UNNECESSARY because alternative treatments are available. Good palliative care should be available for all. Killing is not care – it is not kinder to kill than to care. DANGEROUS because when people are ill, they are vulnerable and can easily be pressured to making decisions that they may later regret. Society should protect the weak and vulnerable, rather than allowing them to be killed.

WRONG because it devalues human life which is sacred. All historical codes of ethics have agreed that euthanasia is wrong. Disability organisations consistently oppose assisted suicide and euthanasia. ABBA Manifesto More information